Elisabeth Øvstebø

Managing Partner // Co-Founder

Elisabeth speaks, consults and coaches clients on innovative strategic transformation. Her areas of expertise are strategy execution, leading transformational change, coaching, leadership- and sales training. As an experienced business coach she exudes a calm authority. Being highly efficient, she excels at designing large scale, transformational change programs. She is a mentor at NHO’s Global Future Program. She also teaches marketing and strategy for the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

Elisabeth has extensive experience from the financial sector, leading development programs on leadership, sales and organizational development. She holds a Master of Management in from BI –Norwegian School of Management.

She runs workshops and give talks on leadership, change management, strategy and innovation. Her recent events include “Strategy Tools for the Next Generation” at Front End of Innovation (Munich, Venice, 2014) and ”Your Innovation Toolkit” and “Making [X] Happen” at the World Innovation Convention (Cannes, 2013) and “Strategy Tools – in action” (Austria, 2015).

Elisabeth is the co-founder of Strategy Tools for the Next Generation – a global, open-source project to design and develop a series of new, visual strategy & innovation tools. She also leads Engage // Innovate Ventures — our venture capital fund which invests in disruptive business ideas, disruptive people and disruptive business models.


 +47 901 47 797