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10 Punkter for Kapital i Klynger

Av Christian Rangen Founder, CEO at Engage // Innovate & Strategy Tools – the Modern Strategist’s Toolkit Investorkapital, business angels & corporate venture avdelinger; stadig flere klynger begynner arbeidet med kapital. Men hvordan skal egentlig en klynge gå frem for å utvikle sin kapitalstrategi? De siste fire årene har vi jobbet tett med klynger, klyngeledere […]

Leadership in the Age of Innovation Superclusters

Leading up to the 2019 Drucker Forum we will be exploring leadership, strategy and policy in and around Innovation Superclusters. This is the first publication. Next, Building Innovation Superclusters (the report) is out mid-June. The world is learning to innovate faster. Companies are increasingly looking to collaborate across ecosystems, networks and innovation clusters. Visionary governments […]


Christian Rangen: Why Superclusters are Engines of Future Growth

  The world is learning to innovate faster – and innovation superclusters are playing an increasingly important part. Sillicon Valley (tech), Boston (healthcare), London (fintech), Tel Aviv (tech) are famous clusters in today’s global economy. They attract talent, capital, R&D investments, corporates and create a strong collaboration model across a large ecosystem. Countries and regions […]

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The Four Roles of the Strategy Officer

The role of the strategy officer is rapidly evolving. Expectations are rising, yet changing industry landscapes, emerging disruptors and well-funded startups with aggressive business models puts significant pressure on the role. It is vital for companies to understand the four different roles for the Strategy Officer. Does your company? In our work with hundreds of […]

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Five Strategy Traps for 2018

If December is the season “to be jolly”, then January is the month where most CEOs finally “Strategize”. We look at the top five strategy traps CEOs and management teams might stumble into during their upcoming strategy processes. By: Christian Rangen, Co-Founder Engage // Innovate, Strategy Tools, and X2 Inc 1. THE BOARD – THEY […]


Global Drucker Forum 2016: Considering the Entrepreneurial Society

Over at Engage//Innovate — a strategy and consulting firm, we view the challenges of the entrepreneurial society through the prism of the Norwegian oil and gas predicament. Over the past 40 years, oil and gas has played a large role in the strong growth of our economy. About a quarter of our entire GDP is tied to oil and gas extraction. Considering […]