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Building an Innovation Cluster

With over 7,000 innovation clusters around the world, there are numerous ways to start, launch and build an innovation cluster. In this article we describe eight ways clusters commonly get started and what a cluster journey may look like. What is an Innovation Cluster? An innovation cluster, or often called industry cluster can be understood […]

Rise of Innovation Superclusters

How can countries accelerate national transformation and compete in new, high-growth, high-value industries? Increasingly, countries are turning to Innovation Superclusters to innovate, compete and win on the global stage. For governments, Innovation Superclusters can be a key tool in the post-pandemic recovery toolbox. An emerging global phenomenon Globally there are some 7000 innovation clusters. The […]

Why Organizations Need to Transform

“Why is there a need to transform?” was one of the questions that has been coming up quite frequently after we published the report Building the Transformational Company. While this wasn’t part of the original report, we went back to our work, our notes and our case studies, and looked into why there was a need to […]


On Superclusters and Ecosystems

Innovation Superclusters and innovative ecosystems are both crucial engines of growth. In our research, we have looked into future trends and how governments can actively build Innovation Superclusters around the industries of the future.  SUPERCLUSTERS VS. ECOSYSTEMS Globally, there are around 7000 formal Innovation Superclusters. Of these, around 15 – 25 may be recognized as genuine Innovation Superclusters. On the […]

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Building Innovation Superclusters

Around the world, Innovation Superclusters are on the rise. But what, exactly, are Innovation Superclusters and why do they matter?   INNOVATION SUPERCLUSTERS IN SIX POINTS While often misunderstood due to various policies, structures, funding models, strategies and capabilities, we find that Clusters and increasingly Innovation Superclusters can be identified and understood through six key points.  A […]

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Building Transformational Capacity Through Experiential Learning

Five years ago we attended our first Drucker Forum, aptly titled The Great Transformation. Little did we know at the time that the experiences from the Forum would result in the creation of Transform! a powerful experiential learning simulation, potentially changing how we teach, train and build deep transformational capacities.   OSLO, NOVEMBER 13, 2019 “No, that could […]


10 Punkter for Kapital i Klynger

Av Christian Rangen Founder, CEO at Engage // Innovate & Strategy Tools – the Modern Strategist’s Toolkit Investorkapital, business angels & corporate venture avdelinger; stadig flere klynger begynner arbeidet med kapital. Men hvordan skal egentlig en klynge gå frem for å utvikle sin kapitalstrategi? De siste fire årene har vi jobbet tett med klynger, klyngeledere […]