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Engage // Innovate Expands to Latin America

Due to a growing interest and need to change how Strategy and Innovation programs are conducted, Engage // Innovate is expanding its global footprint by opening operations in Latin America. Under the leadership of Roberto Chaverri, the global Strategy & Innovation consulting company will serve an increasing number of clients across the region. “Latin America […]

The Best Insights of 2018

Chief Strategy Officers, The Shifting Energy Arena, Strategy Traps and learning from ex-Cisco Innovation Director. Here are our five most popular insights from 2018: The Four Roles of the Strategy Officer It is critical for companies to understand how their specific strategy function works and how they can improve it in the face of rapid […]


5 Reasons Your Corporate Innovation Efforts Fail: An Interview with Mike Hatrick

Much of the literature and thought-leadership around innovation paints a pretty picture about what it actually takes to create lasting change. It sounds glossy and nice, and always seems to end in success, but the real world experience is not always so positive. Having worked in innovation for over a decade now, our friend and Global Head of […]


Catching the Next Wave in Innovation: An Interview with Rowan Gibson | Part 2 of 3

This is part two in a three-part series with Rowan Gibson, discussing how the world’s best innovators come up with breakthrough innovations, and how his clients – most of them not the typical tech darlings we’ve come to think of being great innovators – find new avenues for growth via business model innovation. ____________ In […]