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Rita McGrath & Christian Rangen Podcast Transcript

Inger Hanne Vikshåland: Hello, and welcome to this session on industry shifts and inflection points. I’m Inger Hanne Vikshåland with Engage // Innovate and today I’m talking with Rita McGrath and Christian Rangen. Rita McGrath is a globally-recognized expert on strategy, innovation, and growth with an emphasis on corporate entrepreneurship. Her best-selling book “The End […]

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Designing Your Company’s Future with the Strategic Innovation Canvas

The Gist of It for Busy Execs: The Strategic Innovation Canvas is a simple, easy-to-use tool to collaborate on, communicate and develop future-oriented strategy. The Strategic Innovation Canvas is built upon the theories of Clayton Christensen (three types of innovation) and Rita McGrath (discovery-driven growth and short-term competitive advantages). Companies that use the canvas like Statoil, Reckitt […]

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A Collaboration for Growth: Sri Lanka and Norway

Sri Lanka is a nation in transformation. Emerging from a 30-year civil war from 2009, the country has been playing catch-up on business development and innovation. It’s been 7 years, and Sri Lanka is running to make up for lost time and reach its full potential. The result? An impressive 6.4% economic growth in recent years. With its goal to […]


31 Questions that Lead to Innovation

Our resident innovation guru Christian Rangen is always going on about how important it is to ask the right questions. His favorite thing to do whenever we sit down for a meeting, is to ask provocative questions. While they weren’t the easiest questions to answer, they helped re-frame the way we thought and pushed us to see things from […]