INNOVATION SUPERCLUSTERS – a New Playbook for Economic Growth

Lead Author: Christian Rangen

Business clusters, or agglomeration economies, are natural phenomenon in many regions and to many economic activities. Clusters have been recognized in management literature since 1890’s, but tracing back to the earliest days of human organized economic activities, as suppliers, customers and partners naturally would group together.

In most parts of the world, clusters are understood as geographical cluster, often around a specific industry or field. Media, high tech, life sciences, med-tech, space travel, maritime, finance, seafood, energy; these all have strong geographical clusters that have evolved and matured naturally over time.

Today, we are learning to build, shape and design far more impactful clusters. We see new clusters rapidly emerging, often built around the “industries of the future”, helping regions, nations and national leaders navigate economic shifts and prepare for new economic growth in future growth industries.

Since the early 2000’s, the term Supercluster has been evolving, shaping ambitious political and industrial thinking in Asia, Americas and Europe.

Having personally worked with Supercluster development projects in Europe and Asia, we deeply believe in the power of Innovation Superclusters to accelerate industry shifts and help race a region, a country or an industry into the future.

Yet, we recognize the work, the complexity and the massive amount of stakeholders to engage to successfully scale a Supercluster. Looking into the future, we hope to continue to advance our own understanding of global clusters, continue our research activities, evolve our toolkit for future Superclusters and help build a generation of new engines of innovation around the world. We wish all cluster managers and leaders all the best on their exciting journeys.

In the upcoming book, we will share our key research findings, and present a roadmap for building new innovation superclusters over the coming decade.


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