Building a Powerful Innovation Engine – An Interview with Rowan Gibson | Part 1 of 3

This is a three-part series with Rowan Gibson, discussing how the world’s best innovators come up with breakthrough innovations, and how his clients – most of them not the typical tech darlings we’ve come to think of being great innovators – find new avenues for growth via business model innovation.

Senior executives agree that innovation is important. They know that innovation is one of the key drivers of new revenue growth, regardless of sector or geography. And they say this loud and clear in the most recent surveys done by PwC, McKinsey, and many others.

However, despite 84% of executives banking on innovation to bring in the growth they need, very few know how and where to start.

A friend of Engage // Innovate’s — Rowan Gibson — or as some call him “Mr. Innovation”, has over the past years written three bestsellers that are especially valuable to large organizations when it comes to mapping out the blueprint of innovation success.

We recently got together to discuss his recent work with clients, and how he’s helping them move from theory to action.