Strategy Tools for Business Model Innovation — Simplifying the Complex

Today, more and more established companies are seeing their traditional business models come under attack, and Malaysian businesses are no exception.

Take a quick look around and you’ll see many of today’s traditional industries in danger — newspapers, taxis, banks, coal, oil and gas companies, brick-and-mortar stores, and many more.

Mature companies now are under even greater pressure to take a deep look at their business models and seek innovation.

— but how?

Our work with companies across the globe and industries suggests that with the right training, tools, and structure, any organization can successfully drive corporate entrepreneurship and seize new growth opportunities.

In August, in partnership with TNB ILSAS, our team will be heading to Kuala Lumpur to run our first public programme — Business Innovation Bootcamp 2017, a format previously available only to in-house clients.

Business Innovation Bootcamp 2017 will be led by Norwegian strategy and innovation expert and strategy tool designer Christian Rangen, as well as German visual facilitator and co-author of Creating Innovation, Holger Nils Pohl.

As the programme draws closer, we spoke to Rangen and Pohl about the upcoming Bootcamp and their insights from years of helping companies succeed at business model innovation.