Seeing a growing a global interest, Engage // Innovate is strengthening its presence into the Middle East. Under the leadership of Tarek Fahmy, the global strategy & innovation consulting company will serve an increasing number of clients in the Middle East and North Africa.

“In the past 24 months, we’ve significantly increased our business in Asia and the region. Opening up a business in the region is just the next natural step for us,” says co-founder, Christian Rangen.

“We are privileged to have capacity like Mr. Fahmy joining us to build our client base in what is truly one of the most exciting and dynamic regions of the world,” says Mr. Rangen.

Building Transformational Capacity

Our entire team is truly excited by the strategic opportunities found in the global energy industry. While the transition away from fossil fuel, most of it oil, can be painful in the short term, we believe both companies and governments will benefit from it. Our work from the past three years on building transformational capacity has shown that companies can succeed on a large scale strategic change.

We’ve run projects on solar energy, smart city, electric cars, fish farming, space mining, drones, and the future of mobility — all as part of building transformational capacity.

See our client success stories here.

Serving Multiple Industries

Engage // Innovate serves clients in technology, energy, oil & gas, fast moving consumer goods, consulting & advisory, education, construction, and transportation. The company’s strategy tools and methodologies help executives navigate industry shifts, manage strategic inflection points, and develop a deep capacity for successful innovation.

The company’s services focus on three areas — innovation workshops & training programs, strategy and transformation projects, and a growing number of corporate accelerator programs to accelerate new business development and new ventures.

“We feel our portfolio of services is a good match for the challenges and opportunities to be found in the Middle East,” says co-founder Mr. Rangen.

Experienced Strategy Designer

Mr. Fahmy joined Engage // Innovate with a nearly 20-year background in management and advisory services, most recently coming from a position of a strategy designer with a global consulting company, where he helped develop programs, projects and served clients in the Middle East.

Growing the Business on the Ground

Engage // Innovate is already serving clients in the region and will significantly ramp up business development activities. Later this year, the company will host a number of workshops, keynote talks, and executive sessions for clients and potential clients in the region.

To engage our services or explore a partnership with Engage // Innovate in the Middle East and North African regions, please email Mr. Fahmy at

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