The Innovation Pyramid is the strategy tool that we always use in our strategy and innovation workshops to establish the basics of innovation.

Developed through years of research by innovation experts Christian Rangen & Elisabeth Øvstebø, it is very effective in helping the teams develop a bigger picture of what innovation means in their respective companies.

The Innovation Pyramid breaks innovation down into 9 levels, from easiest to trickiest:

  1. Design & marketing innovation
  2. Product innovation
  3. Service innovation
  4. Markets, customers & channel innovation
  5. Technology innovation
  6. Process innovation
  7. Management innovation
  8. Business model innovation
  9. Industry innovation

We made a quick video to walk you through the different levels of The Innovation Pyramid:

How to Use The Innovation Pyramid

  1. Print The Innovation Pyramid (as large as you can), stick it on a whiteboard or wall before you begin your session with your team.
  2. Start from the top, and work your way down through the different levels. Or if you like, you can also work on what you enjoy first.
  3. Try to come up with ideas according to each level. Write these down on individual sticky notes.
  4. Stick small, logical steps go on the left of the pyramid, according to the levels.
  5. Stick the more radical, never-done-before ideas to the right of the pyramid, also according to the levels.
  6. Take a step back and admire the stream of ideas you’ve created.

The Innovation Pyramid will give you a rough framework to kickstart your innovation strategy. You can then move these ideas onto the Strategic Innovation Canvas to get the engine going.


We’d love to hear how you’re using The Innovation Pyramid or any of our other tools. Comment and question away in the comments section below!' class='avia-button avia-color-theme-color avia-icon_select-no avia-size-x-large avia-position-center ' >Ask us about an in-house workshop today.